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Is Turnkey Manufacturing Right for Your Business?

After spending months, if not years, in the concept and design phase of your product’s life cycle, you’ve now found yourself upon the doorstep of the manufacturing stage. Obviously, this part of getting your product made is arguably the most critical and time-intensive. Trying to manage several disparate companies to handle each part of the production process can turn out to be cumbersome and costly. Here’s where turnkey manufacturing can come into play. To get started, let’s define the phrase turnkey manufacturing.

Turnkey manufacturing means having 100% of the manufacturing process handled by one entity. In this scenario, one company manages and streamlines all pieces and parts of the manufacturing process from start to finish. This includes beginning at the initial concept and design and continuing all the way to the packaging and shipping of your final manufactured product. Next, we’ll explore some of the many advantages of working with a unified source for your manufacturing needs.

One major perk of implementing turnkey manufacturing in your organization is the cost-savings it generates. And those cost-savings start immediately, through receiving the most competitive pricing via an established network of factories and suppliers. Costs are especially reduced for smaller companies since with this model, they can avoid the added cost that comes with trial and error. Turnkey manufacturers can also reduce your costs through centralized billing and discounts for services like design, logistics, and so on.

Another advantage of employing turnkey manufacturing is the amount of time you save. Instead of dealing with myriad companies and contacts for each part of the manufacturing process – and trying to manage the deluge of calls and emails among so many parties – turnkey production provides a single point of contact throughout the entire process. Furthermore, knowing that your contact is continually monitoring the status of manufacturing for your product means that your time is free to use on more revenue-generating ventures. Maybe you’ll use that time to expand your product line or market your product. No matter how you spend the additionally available time, with turnkey manufacturing, you won’t need to undertake the tedious task of managing your product’s journey through manufacturing.

Having a group of experts in their fields under one roof can be advantageous in numerous ways, which is the way it is utilizing turnkey manufacturers. These companies employ quality engineers, logistics managers, and designers that have years of experience and are quite skilled at their various jobs. The overall process is simplified and more streamlined when a cohesive unit of manufacturing experts is handling the production process. This staff members have internal communications set up to shorten lead times by sharing information and pushing your product through the system in an efficient manner. And when modifications need to be made in the process, they are continuous, since approvals can be made department to department instead of having to contact multiple individuals across many varying companies.

Additionally, employing turnkey manufacturing means that quality is not sacrificed - but prioritized. All along the way, through each department as well as during each step in the process, quality is continually being monitored. From the start, designers linked to turnkey manufacturing have an ongoing evaluation procedure, checking for imperfections and issues with specifications. At the factory level, quality representatives are onsite or in direct contact with on-premises quality engineers, to take samples of production lots, to ensure the highest quality standards are being maintained. Then, packaging engineers and logistics personnel take measures to properly protect the final product and work to guide it safely and swiftly to its final destination.

As you embark on the journey of manufacturing your product(s), consider whether turnkey manufacturing would be a good fit with your business. By applying this concept to this process, your organization stands to realize these advantages and more, including cost-savings, more time, access to a bevy of experts, and achieving a higher level of quality through ongoing quality checks at each step in the process. And once you recognize all the benefits turnkey manufacturing can offer, it’s time to partner with a company that stands above the rest. United Global Sourcing is the company with the experience and knowledge to be your turnkey manufacturer. With almost 40 years in the manufacturing industry, our employees have manufacturing down to a science, helping to make the manufacturing process go as smoothly and painlessly as possible for your business. Contact us to get started with turnkey manufacturing today!