Plastic Injection Molding – Is My Part Right for Asia?

There are many things to consider when deciding if your plastic injection molded parts are a good fit for Asia. There has to be a comfort level, of course, and that can be found in the fact that some of the largest companies in the world source product in Asia including Corning, Fossil, the Big Three Automotive companies; even Apple who produces out of Shenzhen, China (source: As it becomes more industrialized, Asia is no longer synonymous with low quality.

There is, however, a big cost advantage. While labor rates are rising steadily in Asia, overall cost of labor is still much lower than in the US; surprisingly, the more complex an injection-molded part is, the higher your cost savings can be! Companies can also purchase tooling for much less in Asia amplifying your savings, especially over time. Some of the most sought-after thermoplastics and thermosets are readily available in the Asian market and pricing is often comparable to the USA.

Low production costs are the main reason that people initially look to Asia, but it is not the reason that companies stay there. Asia has great technology readily available, in addition to many factories being ISO, TS, and even ICTICARE certified. Many Asian manufacturers are also very flexible in meeting your quality requirements and providing independent testing if needed.

There are great factories in Asia capable of producing high volume, high-quality parts, within your budget. Finding them can be challenging, but collaborating with a company such as United Global Sourcing, Inc. takes the challenge out of the equation.