The Importance Of The Right Packaging

The Importance Of The Right Packaging

You undoubtedly recognize the incredible importance of a high-quality product. It is why you will settle for nothing but the best when it comes to outsourcing your manufacturing. However, at United Global Sourcing, we don’t believe the focus on detail should stop there. We work with our clients to make sure that their product is wrapped in success through the proper packaging.

Did you know that more than half of all purchase decisions are made in-store? That means that the look, feel, and branding of your packaging has an incredibly large influence upon the final consumer purchase behavior. The right packaging can lead to success and the wrong packaging can spell disaster. Read on to learn more about the importance of packaging and find out how we can help you succeed in this area of production.

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Establishing Your Brand Image

Whether you are a long-established brand or you are new to the market, ensuring that consumers can recognize your brand quickly and easily will go a long way in establishing your brand image. If your packaging is all over the place without a consistent design theme, you can wind up confusing consumers and they will have a difficult time picking your products out on the shelf.

In order to establish your brand, you need to focus on a singular design that will span across your company’s products. Make sure that every new product you create will fall in line with this brand image. From the colors you choose to the fonts you utilize, every component of your packaging will help create a stronger brand image in the mind of consumers.

If you haven’t already established a strong brand guideline for your company, take the time to do so today. Make sure that you know what your brand is before you try to convey that through your product packaging. Regardless of what product you are selling, you need to have a concrete idea of what brand image you are striving for.

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Adding To Your Marketing Materials

Many businesses falsely limit their idea of marketing materials to advertisements, brochures, and other intentional marketing tactics. However, one of your strongest marketing materials will be your product’s actual packaging. When a consumer reaches the shelf, they will be greatly influenced by the packages they see.

Good packaging should call attention to your product. It should highlight the benefits of your product in a simple way and it should be easy for a consumer to understand exactly what makes your product unique with a simple glance. Your product’s packaging should act in conjunction with all your other marketing efforts. The messaging should follow the guidelines all your marketing endeavors do so that consumers are left with a clear picture in their mind of what your business offers.

If your packaging is busy or difficult to understand, it can lead to your product being passed up, no matter how great the actual contents within might be. Remember, while we are taught to not judge a book by its cover, most of us do so every day when we decide on purchases.

Swaying The Consumer’s Emotions

Not only will your product packaging act as a marketing material, it will also be a catalyst for swaying the emotions of consumers. From the colors you choose to the styles you implement, your packaging will make consumers feel a certain way about your product. It is up to you what emotion they will feel. If your packaging is outdated and unattractive, they might feel negative emotions about your product.

Conversely, when you handle the design of your packaging properly, you can create positive emotions in consumers. For example, white packaging with a sleek design can evoke feelings of simplicity and integrity. You can help define the way someone feels when they look at your product by simply improving upon the packaging.

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Differentiating Yourself From The Crowd

Not only will you be able to change how someone feels when they pick up your product and look at the package in hand, you will also be able to differentiate yourself from the crowd with the right product packaging. You can make your product stand out from your competition by investing time and energy into the design of your package.

A unique package can stand out and draw a consumer’s attention. For example, even changing your packages shape and style to be completely different from everyone else in your market can go a long way in helping a consumer remember you and seek your products out. Think creatively and outside the box when you are trying to differentiate yourself from your competition. Instead of sticking to the status quo, experiment with new and innovative packaging ideas.

Work With The Team Who Prioritizes Packaging

Here at United Global Sourcing, part of our outsourcing manufacturing services include a quality assurance for packaging. From helping you with the messaging and design of your packaging to the actual printing and assembly, we are here to ensure that your packaging will help your product succeed.

Not only that, when you work with us we will include packaging as a part of your pre-production sample, which no one else in our space offers. We include packaging as a part of the sampling process because we recognize just how important packaging is to the success of your product’s sales. If you want to learn more about how we can assist you with outsourcing manufacturing and ensuring quality packaging for your products, reach out to our team today. We look forward to helping your company succeed with global sourcing solutions.