The “In-House Is Always Best” Myth

We often work with companies who have in-house capabilities to manufacture parts that they instead choose to source with us. Why?

Isn’t sourcing a hassle—with the miscommunications, quality issues and logistical headaches?

It doesn’t have to be. Quite simply, it’s possible to successfully source a part that your in-house team either can’t cost-competitively manufacture or is having problems reliably producing.

That was the case for one of our customers who had been attempting to manufacture a complex injection molded assembly in-house but was repeatedly encountering issues with the assembly warping in areas that required moisture tight sealing.

Because we don’t simply pair companies with manufacturing sources, we took a “part-of-the-team” problem-solving approach and assessed where we could better address these issues. We ultimately developed a combined solution of injection tooling modification, molding parameter adjustments, part fixturing and assembly processes that eliminated the warping and assured proper sealing in the critical areas of the assembly.

Improvements to manufacturing processes aren’t the only way a customer can benefit from sourcing. We’ve also been able to provide reduced material costs because of their availability in proximity to our manufacturing sites or because of favorable exchange rates.

The fact of the matter is there are manufacturing sources that skimp on quality and processes in an attempt to save customers more money. But let’s be honest: this just creates hassle and blows project deadlines.

And time is money.

Then there are manufacturers who are cost-competitive but can also deliver a product that is equal to or even sometimes superior to what you’re producing in-house. So, why aren’t you working with someone like that already?