United Global Sourcing Launches Higher Quality & Management Services to Clients

UnitedGS.com offers superior customer service with a focus on quality, management and a diverse offering of cut & stitch, forging, casting and plastics


(Troy, MI) Supply chain management is a huge source of frustration for many companies, resulting in countless hours of wasted time and productivity. With a demand for higher quality services, United Global Sourcing now offers higher quality management services.

“When companies partner with us at unitedgs.com, they will quickly discover that quality is our top priority,” stated company representative Brain Ishmael. “We are dedicated to taking the hassle and stress out of supply chain management. Other companies simply connect a company with a manufacturer and then disappear, which leaves you mired in miscommunication, as well as quality issues. This is not the way of UGS with the quality of our services being unparalleled in the industry.”

At UGS, manufacturing experts maintain 24-hour communication with clients. This allows them to quickly identify and address any issues early on to ensure all components and assemblies are produced and delivered in a timely manner, as originally promised. The professional staff at UGS understands that each client’s needs are unique and as a result, they provide a fully vetted and reliable supplier to fulfill the precise needs and specifications outlined by clients.

“We have been serving various companies for more than 35 years,” continued Ishmael. “While many may not have heard of the services we offer at https://www.unitedgs.com before, it is almost certain that the products we make are in your car, at your home or sold in your favorite store. Our team has grown to provide service for companies around the world because of our quality, management and the diverse offering of cut & stitch, forging, casting and plastics.”

The manufacturing processes and supply-chain services offered by United Global Sourcing offer services for many sectors, including manufacturing processes, precision machining, forgings and castings, plastic injection molding, design, product concept, supply chain services, value-added sub-assemblies, prototyping, logistics, packaging, quality, production, sampling and audits, and certifications.


Other supply chain management services just connect clients to a certain manufacturer, and then completely disappear. However, with services from United Global Sourcing, this is not the case. This is a company dedicated to providing value-focused services. With a 24-hour communication cycle, issues related to manufacturing, supplies and other factors are virtually eliminated. The company provides a comprehensive array of services ensuring that clients have customized solutions that meet the needs of their company and supply chain issues.

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