Outsource Manufacturing & Fabrication

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Outsource Manufacturing and Fabrication

Outsource Manufacturing & Fabrication

At United Global Sourcing, we’re passionate about helping people and businesses find the best manufacturing and fabrication factory for their needs. Whether you want to manufacture cut and sew products, sporting goods, or automotive parts, we can select the best factory for your product from our list of fully vetted, top-caliber factories. Unlike other companies that will connect you with a manufacturer, only to disappear, we pride ourselves on maintaining a 24-hour communication cycle so you’re never left in the dark.

If you’re trying to decide whether or not outsourcing your manufacturing needs is the best route to go, consider the incredible cost savings and fabrication expertise that manufacturing companies have to offer.

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The Benefits of Outsource Manufacturing

Does your company produce a product? If so, determining how and where to complete your manufacturing operations is very important to the success of your business. While some business have the capital to manufacture their products domestically, outsourcing has proven to be a much better option for most.

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Cost Savings

Whether you need to outsource plastic mold injections or household products, you can save a good amount of money by finding a manufacturing company overseas to help. Outsourcing can be incredibly less expensive than building your own fabrication facility in-house, not to mention you won’t have to hire the additional personnel to manage and run your facility. Due to union protection in the United States, the cost of manufacturing can be very high. In fact, according to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. ranks 14th in the world in wages and compensation for manufacturing workers. To put this into even more perspective, an article from the Huffington Post states that, “the average hourly wage for Chinese manufacturing workers is less than a tenth of their U.S. counterparts.”

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Improved Company Focus

Did you know that outsourcing your manufacturing can improve the overall focus of your company? You read that right. Companies that opt for local manufacturers tend to spend a lot of their time overseeing operations. When you don’t have to worry about manufacturing, you can focus on what’s really important: running your business. This way, you won’t have to worry about hiring a large staff, gaining more workspace, and purchasing expensive manufacturing equipment.

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Multidisciplinary Expertise

As the old adage goes, two heads are better than one. This is very true when it comes to product design, development, and fabrication. Unless you’re already a seasoned professional when it comes to drawing up product sketches, it’s always wise to work with a fabrication experts with years of experience. That’s where outsourcing your manufacturing needs comes into play.

Outsource Casting and Forging

Outsource Casting & Forging

There are a variety of methods and techniques that can be used in manufacturing different metal components. Depending on the ultimate purpose and use of the part, it’s important to have an understanding of the difference between casting and forgings. Let’s take a look at their differences below.

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What Is Casting?

Casting is a manufacturing process where metal is heated at a high temperature until molten. During the molten or liquid state, the metal is poured into a mold or vessel to create the desired shape. Metal casting provides several distinct industrial advantages, including:

  • It has a higher tolerance for more detailed part designs
  • Suitable for parts with complex shapes
  • Wide selection of materials to use including steel, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, iron alloys, and more
  • Production methods are flexible
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What Is Forging?

Forging is the process of forming shapes and metals through the use of hammering, rolling, or pressing. Due to the pounding action of forging, it can help metal to retain its strength. There are two main types of forging: hot and cold. Let’s take a look at their differences below.

  • Hot Forging – Hot forging is a manufacturing process that requires the metal to be heated above its recrystallization temperature. One of the biggest benefits of hot forging is to decrease the energy required to form the metal properly. Why is this important, you ask? Excessive heat can decrease the yield strength and improve the ductility of the product.
  • Cold Forging – Cold forging usually involves forging a metal at room temperature. When it comes to dimensional control, product uniformity, and surface finish, cold forging may be the best route to go.
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Forging Categories

Now that you have an understanding of hot and cold forging, it’s time to discuss the different categories of forging, which are:

  • Draw Forging – this process can be used to decrease the width of a product and increase its length
  • Upset Forging – increases the width of a product and decreases its length
  • Compression Forging – allows you to create an array of customized directions

At United Global Sourcing, we have a long and successful history of providing our customers with high-quality casting and forging manufacturers. Our select foundries have expertise in precision casting made of steel, aluminum, alloy metals, brass and bronze, and more. Check out some examples of our work online or contact us today with any questions.

Outsource precision machining

Outsource Precision Machining

Precision machining is another manufacturing process you may want to consider for your product or part. This process involves cutting various metal components to an exact specification, and at United Global Sourcing, we can help you find the best precision machining factory for your needs. Some advantages of precision machining include:

  • Operational Efficiency – precision machining is great for operational efficiency because it requires the use of computer-controlled machines that operate automatically without any need for human intervention.
  • Speed of Manufacturing – As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a timely turnaround when it comes to products and parts. With precision machining, you can rest assured that you’ll get your product when you need it, where you need it.
Outsource plastic injection molding
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Outsource Plastic Injection Molding

If you need to produce parts in a large volume, you may want to consider outsourcing your plastic injection molding needs to a manufacturer. This manufacturing process is great for producing plastic injection molds from both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials. During this procedure, the material is fed into a heated barrel, mixed, and then forced into a mold cavity where the injection-molded part cools and hardens within the mold cavity. In order to suite diverse industry needs, there are various injection molding applications from which to choose.

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Blow Molding

The blow molding process is very similar to glass blowing. To blow mold a part of product, the manufacturer will inflate a parison (a heated plastic mass) until it fills the mold entirely. Once the part is cooled, it is ejected from the mold and ready to ship. This process has been found to be very beneficial for one-piece and hollow objects like storage containers and drums.

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Compression Molding

Compression molding is a very cost-effective and efficient molding process. During this procedure, heated plastic is injected into a heated mold, where it is closed and compressed to create the desired shape. Since this process uses advanced composites for the plastic material, it is known to yield stronger, more durable parts.

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Rotational Molding

Also known as rotomolding, rotational molding uses high temperatures and a rotational movement to coat the inside of a mold to form a part or product’s desired shape. The mold is first filled with a polymer powder before it is rotated on two perpendicular axles. This process is best suited for the creation of large, hollow, one-piece containers.

As the preferred method for manufacturing plastic parts, injection molds can be used to create a variety of products such as containers, bottle caps, pocket combs, pet supplies, and more.

UGS: Your supply chain management company

United Global Sourcing: Your Supply Chain Management Company

As you may already know, supply chain management is an integral part of your business (not to mention it’s essential to your company’s success!). If you truly want a competitive advantage, hiring a company to manage your supply chain can make all the difference. If you don’t believe us, check out the benefits below.

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Decrease Costs

One of the biggest advantages of supply chain management is the amount of money you’ll save. When you work with the specialists at United Global Sourcing, we’ll work hard to not only improve your inventory system, but to improve your relationship with distributors and vendors. We can also help you trim the fat from your product or part without affecting the overall operation so you can save money in the long run.

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Stay On Top Of Demand

As we mentioned in a previous blog post about the advantages of supply chain management, staying on top of demand is very important to the success of your business. Today, consumers want products in their hand right away, and unless you’re working with an efficient and timely manufacturer, you could wind up losing customers due to a lag in production. In order to make sure that your business is responding to various changes and economy fluctuations adequately, hiring a supply chain management company to assist you with your manufacturing and fabrication needs can help.

Do I need a supply chain management company

Do I Need To Hire A Supply Chain Management Company?

  • If your company cannot expand its existing facility due to land restrictions, you may be looking for a company who can safely manufacture, warehouse, and distribute your product. A supply chain management company will be able to keep tabs on all of these things for you.
  • Do you have a great product idea but limited supply chain knowledge and experience? You may want to consider working with the supply chain professionals at United Global Sourcing.
  • Fast growing startup companies who don’t have time to build and manage their distribution channels could benefit greatly from working with a supply chain management company.
  • An organization with limited technology may not have the resources to produce products in-house. A supply chain management company can help you find the best manufacturer or fabrication facility for your needs and budget.

If you need help managing your supply chain or you’re looking for an industrial manufacturer to assist you with your needs, contact United Global Sourcing today. We can help you find the best factory to meet your product and budget, and we always keep a 24-hour communication cycle so you always know the status of your parts and products. Get a free quote today!

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